Re[2]: WINNERってなんですか?

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Posted by SP on 2010/05/30 08:17:46:

In Reply to: Re: WINNERってなんですか? Posted by Rainbow on 2010/05/29 03:06:11:

    Thank you  Rainbow

    I was convinced that "Winner”is a person who wins the games.
    Though there is the sense of incongruity, I understood WINNER as a technical term of the tennis.

    > A winner is a shot hit for a winning point that isn't touched by the opponent's racket. Virtually any sort of winning shot—a volley, an overhead smash, a passing shot from the baseline, etc.—counts as a winner, as long as the ball isn't touched by the opponent's racket. One exception is a "service winner," which is a winning serve touched by the opponent's racket but not returned in play.